Technology: Twyford Bathrooms, Flushwise

Flushwise, first used by Twyford Bathrooms, offers dual flush 4/2.6 litre technology for toilets. This technology has become widely used across the bathroom industry, in the recent years.

The Flushwise dual flush system is currently available on 7 out 12 of Twyford’s ranges covering all areas from entry level to top end with a choice of designs. These ranges are 3D, Galerie Plan, Galerie, Grace, Refresh, Moda and Alcona. The Flushwise technology is also available on the Rimfree™ toilet in the Moda range.

This technology offers two options for flushing the toilet, with a lighter 2.6 litre flush and a stronger 4 litre flush. Both of these option ensure effective flushing of waste, with the benefit of water saving. Flushwise delivers a 60% saving on water compared with a standard toilet. The 2.6 litre flush uses less than half the water of most toilets currently in use in the UK.

This technology is perfect for households that are on a water meter as it reduces water consumption and cost, however it will also appeal to consumers mindful of their environmental impact.