Under Floor Heating: Advantages & Disadvantages

Many people are now having under floor heating installed in their bathrooms, which is brilliant. However, what do you actually know about under floor heating? Does it really save you money? Do I need radiators as well as under floor heating?

Here is a simple list of the advantages and disadvantages of under floor heating to hopefully answer your questions.


  • Clears rooms of radiators
  • Saves from 15% to 50% on heating bills
  • Carries virtually no maintenance costs
  • Prevents dust gathering behind radiators and circulating around the room
    (ideal for sufferers of asthma or other respiratory issues)
  • Eliminates dust mites from carpets
  • Underfloor heating provides 70% radiating heat, offering a more comfortable climate than radiators
  • Provides warmth for longer after switching off than would traditional radiators
  • Evaporates dangerous water spillages quickly from bathroom tiles
  • Underfloor heating runs quietly
  • Can be used with almost any flooring type including stone, laminate, hardwood, lino, and carpet
    (below 1.5 Tog)



  • Underfloor heating can take longer to heat up than traditional radiators
  • Care must be taken with certain furniture with underfloor heating
  • Retro-fitting underfloor heating can be expensive and impractical
  • Underfloor heating must be well designed, it is difficult to change or adapt the system once installed.